STAY AT THE BEACH RENTALS owner, Erica Heller was raised in Panama City Beach and her parents are both very well known business people within the community and have been for over 35 years. She and her family are very familiar with the locale and the recent growth of “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches”. Her husband and his family have also called Panama City “home” for over 60 years, so the area is very close to her heart. She ventured to Florida State University and then Gulf Coast Community college to pursue her degree in Business Administration. This is when she became very interested in Business Accounting.

She then started a family and was interested in being a part of the Real Estate Sales Associate team for Edgewater Beach Realty, Inc. For over four years, she became interested in Edgewater Beach Resort and the condo business as a whole during this period. 

As the 2007 real estate bubble “popped” and the economy started to turn south, she had become close friends with Valerie (former owner of Val’s Beach Condos). This is when she and Val became more than friends and Erica was hired to be Val’s office manager/bookkeeper for over two and a half years. As Val’s Beach Condos continued to grow, Erica became more acquainted with the endless possibilities of property management in Bay County. Val’s Beach Condos was shortly turned over to Erica and renamed STAY AT THE BEACH RENTALS in 2010.

Through the ups and downs of the real estate market, Erica continues to hold an active license as well as run this extremely successful property management business with her mother. Owners and guests alike commend them and the business for the continuous hard work to guarantee a clean, stress-free vacation year after year!

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